Standing Seam Metal Roofing

A Classic Style

Metal has been used as a roofing material for a long time, but roofing styles go through phases, just like fashion trends. Currently, standing seam metal roofing is making a comeback, especially for restoration projects. Standing seam roofs are particularly good for areas with a lot of snow, as the design of the roof will cause snow to slide off and prevent build up. Metal roofing is also a good-looking roofing option, despite popular misconceptions.


Standing seam metal roofing offers a number of benefits. It prevents water from building up on your roof, is resistant to fire, and is very lightweight. It can also be made to mimic the appearance of other roofing materials such as terracotta, wood, or ceramic tiles. Standing seam metal roofing is made by using upturned joints to attach interlocking pieces of metal together, similar to the complex joinery used in woodworking. Standing seam roofs tend to use concealed clips or fasteners instead of nails, and the seams where the pieces of metal join together to make for excellent drainage. When installed, the pieces are placed partly atop one another, with some standing on others. This has the effect of making standing seam roofs look great.

Never Off The Rack

Another benefit to standing seam metal roofs is that they are very easy to install. This means you have to spend less on contractors, and the job will be completed quickly. These kinds of roofs have to be custom made, and cannot be bought from a store. You can buy the panels and then have them installed on your roof, or you can have a
metal roofing contractor cut the panels themselves on site and install them. Because these roofs come in small pieces that are then fitted together, they are quick and easy to construct.

Wide Range of Colors

You can also get standing seam roofs in a range of colors and can be textured to resemble materials other than metal. The extra customization could increase the price a little. Standing seam metal roofing is a good choice because it lasts for many years. You will still need to regularly inspect the roof, or your contractor might provide regular inspections, but it should last for decades.

The Mold Remediation Process

Mold Remediation Home and Business

To clean, kill or remove mold or moisture from commercial buildings you must act fast and correctly to ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse. Mold requires moisture so your first priority is to discover and correct the source of the moisture that has allowed the mold to flourish. You’re dealing with a microscopic organism in mold removal and cleaning. You must build the proper containment fields in order to prevent the cross-contamination of other areas of the building. The appropriate mold remediation process will establish the best possible set of engineering controls using HEPA Air Filtration Devices (AFD’s). This is the best way to resolve the problem at the same time allow your work to continue and keep people from getting sick and enable your business to stay up and to run.

Larger Commercial Jobs

Dry ice blasting can be used for larger jobs dry ice blasting uses dry ice in small pellets shot at the surfaces cleaning at a high pressure to kill and remove the mold or fungus. This is the safest form of mold remediation because it doesn’t use any chemicals and it evaporates into nothing. For smaller jobs, you can sometimes use antimicrobials. Anti-microbial kills microscopic mold organisms. Once you have set up the proper containment fields and put the air filtrations devices in place, you safely kill, clean and remove all signs of mold either visible or invisible.

Preventing the Return of Mold

Once you have cleaned the fungus or mold correctly with the dry ice blasting or an anti-microbial, then you treat the wood framing with a fungicide that will prevent the mold from growing back. Along with fixing the moisture problem, this gives you an extra layer of protection, which you need to avoid the fungal re-growth. You can also use a wood destroying insect coverage in the fungicide because wood destroying insects love moist wood.

Mold Removal Specialized Equipment

When you’re dealing with mold, you’re trying to clean something that is microscopic, which means you’re cleaning something out of your home that is in a lot of cases not visible to the naked eye. That’s why it is necessary to build containment barriers and use HEPA air filtration devices to ensure keeping the mold is localized to the area where it currently is. And also when starting the remediation process to use dry ice blasting to kill and remove the mold without putting chemicals or toxins back into your home or business environment. However, In some cases, dry ice blasting might not be the best way to clean the mold out of your home or business. In that case, we might have to use antimicrobials. If that is the case, you’ll want to some assurance that those products are used correctly, safely and effectively to protect you and at the same time kill & remove the mold from your home or business.

Maintenance Starts at the Top

A Regular Roof Inspection Is Good Practice

Regular roofing inspections of your property’s roof systems will lead to early detection of roof problems, protecting your property and maintaining safe living conditions for you and your family. Regular, thorough inspection of your roofing system will help determine if it is still able to perform its intended function. That is, can it still provide ample protection from the weather and other environmental factors. Whether it’s your residential property or commercial property keeping your roofing maintained will lengthen the roof’s service life and save money. Most of the reliable roofing contractors in Houston offer a free roofing inspection. It’s a bit foolish to not take advantage of this offer.

Avoid Surprises

A thorough roofing inspection will enable you to identify signs of roof weakness and or deterioration, or the presence of hazards or dangers. You will be able to institute the necessary precautionary or corrective measures to prevent the total deterioration of your roof system. If you inspect your roof on a regular basis, you will be able to identify if and when your roof needs some repairs. A timely inspection will give you ample time to budget well for the much-needed roofing repair.

Simplified Guide to Inspecting Your Own Roof

Roofing inspectionHere are a few tips on what you need to look for in carrying out the basic yet general roofing inspection of your roof system. Inspect the exterior surfaces of your roof system especially for the continuity of the roof covering. Also, take note of any signs of deteriorating frontages, gutters, and soffits. You may also want to check how well your roof flashings can perform their intended function by looking for any sign of water leaks around its base. Next, you need to take a closer look at the interior finish of your roof system especially the ceilings and the walls. Look for any sign of water stains or leaks as these are sure indications of water penetration that can only occur in a deteriorating roof system. You may also want to look closely for signs of frost buildup and structural distress because these are telltale signs of danger in your home. Keep in mind to record or document everything you have noted or observed during the inspection of your roofing system so that you will have a record to base your estimates for any repairs and or maintenance that you might want to initiate.

Maintenance is Key

More often than not, preventive maintenance almost always does the trick of saving you tons of unnecessary costs because of a roof system that failed primarily due to neglect and lack of maintenance. By performing these simple tips year in and year out, or even on a more frequent schedule, you can avoid getting into the trap of being unprepared for the huge expense of a full roof replacement. Schedule your annual, semi-annual, free roofing inspection yourself by taking into consideration the different weather patterns that occur all year-round. It is best to perform a formal visual inspection of your roof system during the spring and summer. It is relatively sunny this time of the year, and there’s no snow, litter, or debris that can make locating trouble spots difficult. Schedule free roof inspections after every heavy wind or torrential rain condition just to inspect for damages and or breaks in the continuity of the roof components during the storm.

Living in The City

Security Is a Major Concern

BurglarySecurity threats are a genuine concern for many people regardless of where they live. Even if you were to be living in a relatively safe neighborhood, you cannot let your guard down and think it will not happen to you. Burglary or home invasions are rampant even in the most secure of districts. The odds of it happening to you may be minimal, but that is like thinking that you will never strike the lottery. There is always a chance and to reduce the likelihood of it happening, you want to have a safeguard. After all, there is nothing more traumatizing than to feel violated in the comfort of our own home where we are supposed to feel safe and secure.

Crime Happens

However, the fact of the matter is that crime does happen. Burglaries are committed every day in the United States. Statistics show that there is a burglary every 20 seconds and a property crime every 5 seconds somewhere in America. The number is more alarming if you add on vehicle thefts and other crimes but the point being that it is not as safe an environment as we wish it to be. Moreover, therefore even when the neighborhood you live in is considered a safe area, home security is still a significant consideration.

Minimize The Odds

Although it is not practical to be living in constant fear of being a victim, it is prudent to minimize the odds of your home being a crime statistic. Deterrence will be the better call and making your home an undesirable target by taking preventive measures will be much better than to have a crime happen and place yourself in mortal danger. That will prompt the question on how you can make your home safe from uninvited visitors. You can start following the home security tips by doing the obvious. Make it into a habit of always locking your doors and windows and be very sure that you are using locks that are very difficult or near impossible to break. Dark houses or apartments without being adequately lit make desirable targets. Install proper lightings. There are exterior spotlights with motion sensors which trigger alarms when motion is detected. That can be a consideration along with security cameras. There is nothing more worrying to a potential burglar than to think his illegal activity is being recorded. Even dummy cameras can be an effective deterrent. It is for you to choose what type of security cameras to use. There are security and spy cameras that can be in plain sight and also very well hidden to serve as back up. If you spend much time away from home, install automated light systems that have timers to lit up the house at random hours that is preset to create the impression that someone is home. Think about voice recorders with random dog barking sounds. The burglar will be out of his mind if he goes in with the thought that there may be an angry pit bull waiting to tear him to pieces. Some people keep guns in their homes whereas others are opposed to that.

Self Defense

As a good measure, just in case you need to factor in the last line of defense, it is good judgment to consider having handy a pepper spray or maybe stun guns. These are small and handy but can easily disable anyone without injuring them. These available nonlethal weapons are small and inexpensive to carry around and can be tucked away in purses or pockets. Even though the hope is that we will not come across a situation where we need to use them, but they do serve to give a sense of security knowing it is available for self-defense when required.

24/7 Monitoring

And of course, if you can afford to, consult a home security company to set up a security system that monitors your house or apartment 24/7. It can come as a package, burglar alarms, motion detectors, and security personnel that responds immediately when some alarm is triggered. The sense of overall well being and security will be well worth the investment. If you follow the above home security tips, your chances of being robbed are way less than the people who do not follow such tips.